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"Great schools cannot exist without great groups of students, teachers and parents, and the diversity of all three, makes a school so great."

RDM public school reflects the perfect nurturing abode set in a serene and spiritually charged environment. It aims at creating future-ready global citizens, equipped to build a better India through creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and social innovations. It aims to hone the innate skills of each student, right from kindergarten, and equip them with the right vision, values and ideals, to transform them into truly educated and finely refined, inspired and confident global citizens, with the ability to make worthwhile contributions to the world.

Classrooms are bright, colourful, busy places where school desks are a thing of the past. Instead, classrooms are furnished with tables and chairs that provide children with a variety of opportunities to learn to work together as a team- a community in which each has responsibilities. Workshops rather than lessons are conducted by teachers.

>RDM public school is a premier institution with a strong character that is reflected in its Victorian inspired architecture. Nestled between beautiful lawns and gardens with exotic flowers adorning them, the School provides comprehensive, 360-degree education for all.

Vision & Mission


“ Our vision is to take The RDM School to its rightful position among the world’s pre-eminent educational institutions for boys aged 12-18 years.”


“ We continually aim to offer best practices in education that can ensure our students’ fulfilling careers in future. we look for areas of opportunity and seek strategies for a way forward. ”